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What’s the Invite a Friend programme with Vivid 2.0?
What’s the Invite a Friend programme with Vivid 2.0?
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Bring your friends and family to Vivid 2.0 and unlock exclusive benefits. For each of your invited friends who open an account and meet the conditions, you’ll get:

  • An annual fixed interest rate* of 6% for 60 days.

  • Access to Super Deals for 60 days.

This referral programme is exclusively available for Vivid 2.0 customers. If you reside in Germany, Netherlands, Spain, France, Italy, Finland, Ireland, Sweden, Luxembourg, Austria, Norway, Iceland, Denmark and Cyprus, you can join the programme as both an inviter or an invitee. If you live outside of these countries, you won’t see the option to invite friends to open an account with us, but you can still benefit from its perks as an invitee.

How can I invite my friends to join Vivid 2.0?

You can invite your friends to join Vivid 2.0 by sharing your referral link via any social media platform, SMS or email. Then, just wait for your friends to sign up using the link and to make offline card purchases totaling at least €30, within 90 days of the opening of their account. Each purchase must amount to at least €10 and must be made on a separate day. You can track this process conveniently within the app.

You can bring as many friends as you like, keeping in mind that:

  • the increased interest rate* is limited to a maximum of 6 months and

  • you can earn up to €100 in cashback per invitee and 180 days of Super Deals access

It’s also important to emphasise that if you reach the maximum duration of 180 days of this programme, you won't qualify for additional bonuses. If the invitee’s transaction is cancelled or reversed (e.g., due to a return), Vivid Money reserves the right to cancel the referral benefits.

What benefits do I receive if I've been invited?

As an invitee, you'll enjoy Super Deals for 60 days and earn up to €100 in cashback. To receive the bonus, you must:

  1. open your Vivid 2.0 account using the referral link and

  2. spend at least €30 with a minimum of €10 each on three different days using any of your Vivid cards within 90 days of opening your account.

Unlocking Super Deals through the referral program gives you an extra reward without affecting any existing cashback offers on your Vivid account. You can enjoy all the benefits from every programme! Super Deals will work as usual in the Rewards section of your app.

The Invite a Friend programme is powered by Vivid Money GmbH and Vivid Money B.V. Vivid Money SA reserves the right to modify or terminate the program at any time with prior notice. If fraudulent activity or misuse of this programme is detected, Vivid may immediately revert your promotional interest rate to the rate specified by your plan and cancel your participation in the programme.

What additional information should I know about the Invite a Friend programme with Vivid 2.0?

The Invite a Friend programme is specifically designed for Vivid's retail customers. To qualify for rewards, both you and your friend(s) must have an active Vivid 2.0 account. It's important to note that referral bonuses and benefits cannot be transferred and will not accumulate if conditions are not met within the specified period.

Only offline purchases qualify (no ATM payments or online) and if your transaction is cancelled, disputed or returned, it does not qualify either.

If misuse or fraud - even attempted, is detected by either the inviter or the invitee, Vivid Money reserves the right to cancel the referral bonus and participation in the programme. You have the option to terminate your participation in the programme at any time. Additionally, Vivid Money may modify or discontinue the Invite a Friend programme without prior notice.

Vivid Cashback is provided by Vivid Money GmbH, and increased interest rates are offered by Vivid Money B.V.

Details on how cashback works, which transactions are excluded and how redemption is performed can be found in the Vivid Points programme here. Note in particular that you need an active Vivid Money pocket to withdraw to, and that earned points may be forfeited if your account becomes inactive.

*Increased interest rates are applied to your Interest Rate Pocket’s balance up to €100,000. Any amount exceeding this threshold will yield the interest rates set by your plan: 4% p.a. for Prime customers and 2% p.a. for Standard customers. In other words, the balance limitations don’t apply to your regular interest rates.

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