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Vivid Stock Rewards – Redemption
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1. Prerequisites

  • Every existing private customer of Vivid Money who holds an account with Vivid Money ("Eligible Customer") is entitled to participate in the Vivid Points Programme.

  • Each Eligible Customer receives reward points ("Stock Rewards") from Vivid Money for different activities prescribed at the relevant Vivid Points Programme.

  • The Stock Rewards are credited to the Reward Pocket of the Eligible Customer's bank account immediately after authorization of the relevant Transaction.

  • Each Stock Reward is worth EUR 1.00.

  • The amount of Stock Rewards is calculated based on the Eligible Customer’s activity in Vivid Money App.

2. Vivid reserves the right to redeem Stock Rewards

  • Vivid is entitled to redeem Stock Rewards due to inactivity of an Eligible Customer.

  • An Eligible Customer must fall under all the following conditions for Vivid to become entitled to redeem Stock Rewards:

  • The balance on the main pocket of an Eligible Customer is less than EUR 10.00;

  • If an Eligible Customer has invest, crypto or metal pocket the balance of each must be less than EUR 10.00;

  • Since the last transaction of an Eligible Customer in the Vivid App passed 90 (ninety) days. This condition does not apply to transfers between the Eligible Customer’s own pockets.

3. Notification of Eligible Customers by Vivid

  • Vivid will send notifications to Eligible Customers falling under the conditions of section 2 as follows:

  • First notice will be sent to an Eligible Customer by Vivid 21 (twenty one) days before Vivid gets entitled to redeem Stock Rewards;

  • Second notice will be sent to an Eligible Customer by Vivid 14 (fourteen) days before Vivid gets entitled to redeem Stock Rewards;

  • Third notice will be sent to an Eligible Customer 1 (one) day before Vivid gets entitled to redeem Stock Rewards.

  • The cashback programme is designed for active customers and requires a functioning Vivid account. If your account is terminated, you will no longer be eligible for cashback benefits and will not receive any reminders.

4. Miscellaneous

  • Notifications will be sent to Eligible Customers by Vivid to their emails specified during registration.

  • To prevent the redemption of Stock Rewards an Eligible Customer may perform any spending transaction, any sending transaction, top-up or withdrawing money from the main pocket.

  • Eligible Customers will be offered to perform any of the above-mentioned actions in each notification sent by Vivid.

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