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Why do I need to migrate to Vivid 2.0?
Why do I need to migrate to Vivid 2.0?
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We’re proud to introduce Vivid 2.0 to you, powered entirely by the Vivid Money Group.

From now on, all payment services will be provided by Vivid Money S.A. under our own Electronic Money Institute license.

This independence will allow us to develop products faster and provide a smoother customer experience for you.

However, it also means we are closing our current set-up, i.e. the partnership with Solaris SE. That’s why you’ve received a termination notice for your business relationship with Solaris SE in your Vivid App postbox.

What are the advantages of Vivid 2.0?

First of all, all the main functionalities you have will also be available on the new setup (Money Pockets with German IBANs, Investments, Crypto, and Interest Pockets). But you can also enjoy new benefits:

  • Unlimited, fee-free instant SEPA transfers

  • 2 months of special cashbacks

  • Increased number of Pockets you can open

  • And very soon you will get a promotional 5% annual interest rate in your Interest Rate Pocket

How to migrate to Vivid 2.0?

In the following days, we’ll invite you to migrate to our new set-up and assist you with the process. The migration is free and will take about 10 minutes. All your funds, investments, and cryptocurrencies remain safe and available to you now and after the successful migration.

The possibility to migrate to Vivid 2.0 will be available until the end of June.

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