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How do I open an Invest Pocket?
How do I open an Invest Pocket?
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To begin with, it’s necessary to have a Vivid Money account. If you already have one, then simply follow these instructions:

  • Access the app's pocket screen and select "Create a New Pocket."

  • Opt for "Invest" from the given options.

  • Read the details about this investment service as well as other relevant documents provided and accept the Terms and Conditions.

Do I need to provide my tax ID to start trading?

To fulfil its regulatory obligations, Vivid Money B.V. requires you to provide your tax ID before you can begin trading on your Invest Pocket.

If you have provided your tax ID to us either during onboarding to the Vivid Money app or shortly after in the profile section, then you have nothing to worry about in regard to the Invest Pocket as we won’t request any additional information.

If you are a new user of the Invest Pocket and have not yet included your tax ID in your profile section, we’ll request that you provide it. Similarly, if you’re an existing customer without a tax ID, we’ll also ask you to do so.

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