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Do I need to pay taxes for my Invest Pocket?
Do I need to pay taxes for my Invest Pocket?
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Currently, Vivid Money B.V. doesn’t withhold taxes on your earnings from trading via the Invest Pocket.

Kindly note that we’re unable to prepare your tax returns for you. However, every year at the beginning of February, we’ll send a statement that can be used to file your taxes. The statement will contain the following information:

  • Your cash balance

  • The sizes and total valuations of your positions at the end of the year

  • Dividend payments made during the fiscal year

  • Taxes withheld on the dividend payments received during the fiscal year

Be advised that Vivid Money B.V. cannot offer tax advice. To obtain information on local tax regulations and assistance in filing your tax statement, we always recommend seeking advice from the Tax Authorities or consulting an independent tax advisor.

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