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How can I file a complaint?
How can I file a complaint?
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At Vivid, we aim to address and resolve any situation before it’s escalated to our complaints department. Therefore, and for a faster resolution, if you’re looking for support or have a question about our product and service, please visit our help center page or contact us.

If you choose to move forward with a complaint, there are two available methods to submit your complaint directly to our complaints department:

1. Fill out this form and provide the following details:

  • First name

  • Family name(s)

  • Full address

  • Registered phone number

  • Registered email address

  • ID document

  • Detailed description of the issue

2. Write us a letter and mail it to the address below: ​
Vivid Money S.A.

21, Rue Glesener

L-1631 Luxembourg

Once you’ve submitted the complaint, we’ll register and acknowledge it within 10 business days of receiving it, unless a resolution is provided within that period. The acknowledgement will be sent to your email address and it’ll include a reference ID for further communications.

We’ll investigate your concerns thoroughly and provide a resolution within one month from the date of receipt of the complaint.

When the above process was followed but the provided resolution doesn’t satisfy you fully, you can use the out-of-court complaint resolution procedure at the CSSF:

Département Juridique CC

283, Route d’Arlon

L-2991 Luxembourg

Please be advised that it’s necessary to report your complaint to the CSSF within one year of submitting the initial complaint to us.

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