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Can I open an account with my D-Visa?
Can I open an account with my D-Visa?
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If you’re an expat living in Germany or planning to move there, you can now open an account at Vivid with your D-Visa (Type D Visa). Join Vivid Money to:

  • access multiple Money pockets (accounts) equipped with German IBANs,

  • make Instant SEPA transfers and set SEPA direct debits,

  • enjoy the convenience of virtual and physical Visa debit cards while earning cashback rewards with your card purchases,

  • dive into the world of investing and cryptocurrency trading with our Invest and Crypto pockets,

  • earn a fixed and/or variable interest rate without the hassle of locking your funds away for a set period of time by holding funds on our Interest Rate Pocket.

All these perks, and much more, neatly bundled within one mighty and user-friendly app.

Curious about the account opening process?

Simply download the Vivid app and have your D-Visa ready. During the photo verification step, you'll use your D-Visa to open your account. When prompted to add your residence permit (if you provided your passport), just snap a picture of your D-Visa. In cases where the system doesn't recognise your D-Visa and asks which document you uploaded, select the residence permit option.

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