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How can I contact Vivid?
How can I contact Vivid?
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There are different ways to reach out to us and we’ll be happy to assist you no matter what your questions are!

  • Experience the convenience of our chat support, accessible 24/7.

  • Fill in this form in the following circumstances to get assistance from us:

    • You’re experiencing difficulties accessing your account

    • You’ve got questions about data privacy

    • You’re reaching out to us as a third party or organisation

Do you need to block your card urgently? If so, please refer to this article and give us a call immediately on:

  • +493091734840 to block your card from Germany or any other country

  • +33186655810 to block your card from France

  • +34919012821 to block your card from Spain

  • +390294754209 to block your card from Italy

If you’d like to open an account and have some questions, check out this section in our Help Center. Should you encounter any issue while creating your account, please fill in this form.

We’d also like to remind you to keep your app updated in order to stay on top of our most recent changes and news.

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