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I don’t have access to the phone number I used to register in Vivid
I don’t have access to the phone number I used to register in Vivid
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In case you cannot log into the app since you no longer have access to the phone number linked to your Vivid account (due to change of number, loss of the mobile device, etc.), you can reach out to us via our contact form.

To make your request, select the option “I changed my phone number” as the subject, and specify in the description that you wish to change your phone number linked to your account.

In order to proceed with the phone number change, it is required to provide proof of ownership of the new phone number. This proof should contain the new number, along with your full name. For that purpose, the following documents can be provided:

  • Phone bills/ invoices

  • Screenshot of the phone provider company portal

  • Photo of ID/passport and package of prepaid card pack (or SIM card), both in the same picture.

  • Phone contracts that run under the name of a relative. Additional documents like marriage certificate and birth certificate might be required.

  • Any screenshot of an official government or banking institution page where the new phone was used for registration.

  • Any other official correspondence where their phone number and association with name is visible.

Please attach one of the above-mentioned documents in the contact form. We will process the phone number change promptly and notify you as soon as the change has been successfully completed or, should we require further information from you, we’ll reach out via email.

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