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How can I transfer money?
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You can make transfers in Euro to any person or organization with a bank account that supports SEPA instant transfers right from the “Payments” tab in your Vivid app.

If the recipient has a Vivid account, you can send them money instantly using their phone number or scanning their QR code. If the recipient doesn’t have one, you’ll need to provide their account’s IBAN and full name or scan their QR code to proceed with it.

As your Vivid account may have several pockets, any transfer that you perform amongst them is also instant. Just drag and drop one pocket to another and choose the amount of the transfer.

Do you need to add a note for the recipient?

Use the “Purpose” field before confirming the transfer and type away.

How long do incoming and outgoing instant SEPA transfers take?

These transfers are sent and received within seconds as long as the recipient bank also supports this transfer method. If not, the funds should typically reach the recipient's account within 2 business days. Depending on the time the transfer was initiated, this time frame may vary (check here how) and the funds can reach your account within 2 business days.

Would you like to get more details about how to transfer money to your own Vivid account?

You can top-up your account in Euros using different methods. If you’d like to transfer money in a non-Euro currency to your Vivid account, the issuing bank will offer you the conversion rate.

We give you full details on how to top-up your account here.

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