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What can I do with a Money Pocket?
What can I do with a Money Pocket?
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Edit pocket

After creating your Money pocket you can add a picture or name it. To do it you need to click "Settings" in your Money pocket and make the necessary changes.

Top up & transfer money

To start using your Money pocket you have to top it up by transferring money via IBAN or requesting money from another Vivid user. You can find the requisites to transfer money in and out of your Euro account in the "Settings" section of your Money pocket. The transaction requisites of your main Euro account (of your first pocket) can be found in your profile section.

If you already have money in your Vivid account, you can move it between pockets by clicking "Transfer" inside the Money pocket or using the drag-n-drop function on the home screen.

Link a card

You can link your virtual or physical card to the Money pocket and pay by that. You can link your card to the other pocket in 1 click.

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