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Which images can I add to my personalised card?
Which images can I add to my personalised card?
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With our new Personalised cards, you can order a card that fits your personality by choosing its colour and adding an image. But can you add any image that you like?

Vivid reserves the right to determine if the image of choice is suitable for your card or not. Thus, we can accept or reject your submission.

What should I avoid when choosing the image for my personalised card?

  • Copyrighted materials. That is, brand names, logos and slogans to name a few.

  • Pictures showing people and cartoon characters. A picture of yourself, your favourite musician, actor, sportsperson or animated character.

  • Anti-social, criminal or illegal activities. Any image making reference to politics, race, insensitive groups and violence or abuse.

  • Religious symbols and/or texts.

  • Any attribute or sign referencing alcohol, tobacco and illegal substances.

  • Symbols or texts depicting currencies (money), financial products, gambling and/or betting.

  • Personal information such as phone numbers, addresses, account numbers, URL addresses or QR codes.

  • Provocative or derogatory material depicting sex and/or nudity.

  • Visa sponsored events such as the Olympic Games or Visa’s official partners like UEFA, and FIFA.

  • Any image that brings Vivid and/or our partners (Solaris SE and Visa) into disrepute or that we deemed to be unacceptable to be associated with the brand.

  • Any drawing, symbol, or message related to cryptocurrencies.

How will I know if my design has been accepted or rejected?

As we need to review your submission, you will receive a push notification informing you about the outcome of your design (within 1 business day). Kindly note that this decision is final and irreversible.

If your design fails the validation check, you will be able to submit a different one.

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