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What’s the difference between debit and credit cards?
What’s the difference between debit and credit cards?
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Vivid provides its customers with Visa debit cards (virtual and physical) which allows them to make cash withdrawals and card payments in both online and offline retailers.

Debit card holders use the funds existing on their account to complete purchases and withdrawals, whereas credit card holders borrow the money for their purchases and withdrawals from the card issuer, usually a bank, up to a certain limit.

Are Vivid’s debit cards different from Giro cards (EC-Karten)?

Even though Vivid doesn’t offer Giro cards, they are the German equivalent of debit cards as both allow you to make payments in-store and withdraw cash from an ATM from your account balance. Differently from our debit cards, Giro cards aren’t equipped on their own for online purchases and the payment may fail.

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