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How can I split a bill or request money from my friends and family?
How can I split a bill or request money from my friends and family?
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You can split a bill and request money from up to 10 different people (phone contacts) by tapping on the “Request” button from the Payments tab or tapping “Split the bill” button from a transaction in your timeline and send your request to be paid back.

Did you send the request to a Vivid customer? They’ll get an in-app notification and they just need to either confirm it or cancel it. If they accept it, the money will be transferred to your account right away.

Did you send it to a non-Vivid customer? No worries, they’ll receive an SMS with a link inviting them to open a Vivid account for completing your request smoothly or they can copy and paste your account details from the SMS and proceed with the payment from another bank account (be advised that the transfer can take up to 2 business days to be completed).

Do you want to keep track of your money request?

You can control them from the Payments section: a list of your past and current requests will show. Tap on “Cancel request” if you don’t need it any longer or “Request again” if it wasn’t paid out yet and the request was sent some time ago.

Kindly note that the amount of an existing request can’t be modified. If you need to amend it, just cancel the previous request and create a new one with the right amount.

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