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How can I manage standing orders?
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Standing orders are fixed regular payments to a particular person or organization. When making a transfer, you can choose its frequency by tapping on the calendar icon under the “Purpose” field. Here, you can set the start date, frequency and end date of the transfer so as to have recurrent transfers made without worrying about meeting a deadline.

How long does it take for the standing order to be completed?

We process your standing orders as instant SEPA transfers, so they typically arrive in the recipient's account within minutes. If the recipient’s bank doesn't support it, we'll process the standing order as a standard SEPA transfer and the funds will be in the recipient's account on the next business day. However, standing orders made between Vivid customers reach the recipient's account instantly.

If you need to check the details of your standing orders, access the Payments tab in the app and tap “Planned Payments” to check them out.

Do you need to edit the details of an existing standing order?

Modify them from the Payments tab by accessing the Planned Payments section. Tap on it and edit it as you wish. You can change the message, the amount, the title, the frequency and the end date.

Do you need to delete a standing order?

Just like editing, deleting a standing order is a few taps away. Access the Planned Payments section and tap “Delete” on the unwanted/unnecessary standing orders and that’s it.

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