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How can I set and manage SEPA direct debits?
How can I set and manage SEPA direct debits?
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SEPA Direct Debits are used for recurring payments like utility and phone bills, and one-time purchases. You just need to complete the mandate or authorization provided by the service provider adding your account’s IBAN and signature. By doing so, you are giving the service provider the right to debit funds from your account on a regular basis.

Have you found an incorrect or fraudulent direct debit payment in your account?

You’ll be able to return any direct debit which is not older than 56 days right from the Vivid app by following these steps:

  1. Go to your timeline and tap on the transaction.

  2. On the transaction details, tap “Report an issue” and then “Request refund”.

  3. Type in the reason why the direct debit needs to be returned.

  4. Tap “Send request” and the debited funds will appear in your balance right away.

If you need to return more than one direct debit from the same merchant, just repeat the steps mentioned above with every transaction you wish to get your funds back.

Kindly note that this direct debit return feature doesn’t cancel any contract or subscription you may have with the merchant.

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