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How does Vivid help me transfer my direct debits?
How does Vivid help me transfer my direct debits?
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During the migration process you have the option to switch your direct debits to your new Vivid 2.0 IBAN. We strongly recommend doing it before transferring all of your money to the new account to avoid any direct debits failing.

Please be aware that you'll need an account with my.Solaris for our partner, Qwist, to access and retrieve your direct debit information in order to migrate your direct debits. My.Solaris is a platform provided directly by Solaris, enabling you to manage third-party app access to your Vivid account. If you haven't registered yet, don't worry—we have a guide to help you get started here.

To initiate the migration process of your direct debits, do as follows:

  1. Tap on the “Agree and update Direct Debits” button to access Qwist's portal.
    You’ll be redirected to our partner’s portal to begin with the migration of your direct debits. To simplify the process, we'll pre-fill most of your information for you, including your name, surname, date of birth, and your new IBAN, based on your consent.

  2. Select “Solaris” as your previous bank institution or input their BIC “SOBKDEB2XXX” and scroll down to proceed with the login.

  3. Log in using your my.Solaris credentials.
    Please keep in mind that these credentials are not for your Vivid app.

  4. Authorise Qwist to access and retrieve information about your past direct debits from your old account and complete the TAN SMS process.

  5. We’ll prefill your new IBAN—just click "Direct debits" to view the list of providers.

  6. Choose the direct debits you wish to migrate to your new Vivid 2.0 IBAN by tapping the “Notify” button and then e-sign your request.
    Qwist will inform your providers of the update to your account details, so they can begin debiting funds from your Vivid 2.0 account.
    If Qwist can't identify certain merchants, you can click "Identify" or ‘’Add Payment Partner’’ and provide an address for Qwist to send them a postal letter.

How can I confirm that my service providers have my new IBAN?

Qwist will share a confirmation that they have notified the relevant parties of your new account details.

After completing the migration to Vivid 2.0, you'll be able to log into Qwist’s portal to check the status of your request. You can do it by clicking the ‘’Welcome to Vivid 2.0’’ banner in the ‘’Pockets’’ tab of your Vivid app.

How long does the switch take?

Qwist usually notifies merchants automatically by fax or email. However, if a merchant can’t be identified or lacks a fax number, a physical letter will be sent by post, which may take up to a week. For this reason, if you have any upcoming direct debits this week, we recommend that you reach out directly to the provider and give them your new account details to avoid the payment being rejected.

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