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What's a cashback correction?
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Cashback is paid out for successfully processed purchases via card payment. There are a few situations where your credited cashback can be taken back and lead to a cashback correction:

  • Purchase return or order cancellation.
    If you’ve cancelled a previously made order or if you’ve returned a purchase for which you received cashback.

  • Different Euro amount between the card authorisation and the settlement.
    In some instances, the amount you pay initially (card authorisation) may vary from the amount that is collected when the transaction finally settles (settlement), which can cause variations in the cashback you receive.
    This happens often with purchases made at gas stations, airport stores, and with purchases paid for in a non-euro currency.

Any cashback correction will be shown in your Shopper tab if the cashback received needs to be adjusted. Cashback corrections won’t lead to any monetary loss and could eventually balance out as you continue receiving cashback for your upcoming purchases. Once the cashback correction is covered, the next cashback you receive will be converted into Crypto Rewards accordingly.

Are my monthly cashback limits affected?

Your cashback monthly limit will be recalculated only if the purchase and its refund happen in the current calendar month.

Kindly note that your cashback limits are not cumulative. They may vary according to your plan and the cashback programme of the offer. Read more about cashback limits here.

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