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Why was my cashback taken back?
Why was my cashback taken back?
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Cashback is paid out for successfully processed purchases via card payment and there are a few situations where your credited cashback can be taken back and cause a negative balance in your Stock Rewards pocket.

Your cashback can be adjusted or taken back in the following scenarios:

  1. Purchase return or order cancellation. If you’ve cancelled a previously made order or you returned a purchase for which you receive cashback, the credited cashback will be debited.

  2. Different Euro amount between the card authorisation and the settlement. The card authorisation confirms an account's ability to fund a transaction, while the settlement reflects the actual debit to the account.

    In some instances, the amount you pay initially (card authorization) may vary from the amount that is collected when the transaction finally settles (settlement), which can cause variations in the cashback you receive.

    This happens often with purchases made at gas stations, airport stores, and with purchases paid for in a different currency. If you have received cashback for a purchase and the final amount varies, the cashback will be adjusted accordingly.

What happens if the balance in my Stock Rewards pocket is negative?

Having a negative balance in your Stock Rewards pocket won’t lead to any monetary loss and could eventually balance out as you continue receiving cashback for your upcoming purchases.

Is my cashback limit affected in any way?

If your purchase grants you some cashback but you decide to return it, your cashback limit will be recalculated from the moment you receive the refund. As we don’t credit cashback retrospectively, your limit will be adjusted and thus you’ll be able to use it for your future purchases.

Let’s say that you made a purchase on day 1 which gave you €5 cashback. You’re a Standard customer with a €20 cashback limit per month and decide to return this purchase. The refund arrives on day 15 and we then adjust your limit unlocking €5 to your monthly cashback limit.

Kindly note that your plan limits renew monthly and are not cumulative. Cashback limits vary according to your plan and the cashback programme of the offer. Take a look at this article to learn more about them.

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