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How do I get started with the Crypto Rewards programme?
How do I get started with the Crypto Rewards programme?
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On 18 July 2022, we’ll gradually launch Crypto Rewards for our customers in Italy. This invitation only programme will allow you to get your cashback rewards converted into your Crypto 2.0 pocket. To benefit from this new programme, follow these steps:

  1. Open a Crypto 2.0 Pocket

  2. Onboard the Crypto Rewards Programme by choosing a Crypto 2.0 coin to receive your rewards in.

Any eligible card purchase will grant you an amount of cashback in euros, which will then be automatically converted in the cryptocurrency of your choice.

How can I benefit from Crypto Rewards if my account was opened before the launch?

Crypto Rewards will be progressively rolled out, keep an eye on your notifications. You’ll be notified when we make it available to you too and then, just follow the steps above.

From that moment on, any cashback received for your purchases will be accumulated and waiting for your first access to the Crypto 2.0 Pocket and the Crypto Rewards Programme to be converted into your favourite cryptocurrency.

If you’ve got a positive balance in your (already existing) Stock Rewards Pocket by the time Crypto Rewards is ready for you, all the Stock Rewards you’ve earned until then will be kept within your Stock Rewards Pocket with the same conditions.

If you’ve got a negative balance in your Stock Rewards Pocket by then, the cashback you receive for your purchases will be used to balance it out. Once you’re clear, you’ll be all set to onboard the Crypto Rewards programme.

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