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Will I receive promo interest rates in Vivid 2.0?
Will I receive promo interest rates in Vivid 2.0?
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Regardless of whether you're a Standard or Prime customer, if you open the Interest Rate Pocket in Vivid 2.0, you’ll receive a promotional 5% per annum fixed interest rate over the following 2 months.

To start earning fixed interest, just deposit funds into the 'Cash with fixed interest' section of your newly created pocket in Vivid 2.0. You can learn more about adding funds to the Interest Rate pocket here.

If I migrate to Vivid 2.0 and already have the Interest Rate Pocket open, will I receive a promo rate?

Although you’re not new to the Interest Rate Pocket and have been enjoying its perks so far, we still got you covered: regardless of your plan and the date you decide to migrate, your fixed interest rate will be increased to 5% p.a. during your first month in Vivid 2.0.

Are promotional interest rates subject to limitations?

Promo rates are applied to your pocket’s balance up to €100,000. Any amount exceeding this threshold will yield the interest rates set by your plan: 4% p.a. for Prime customers and 2% p.a. for Standard customers. Balance limitations are not applied on regular interest rates.

The promo rate is fixed at 5% p.a., but it may be subject to change in the future based on market conditions or the company’s discretionary decisions.

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