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What are the applicable fees for buying and selling Money Market Funds?
What are the applicable fees for buying and selling Money Market Funds?
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At Vivid, we apply an annual service fee based on your plan. For Prime customers, this fee is set at 0.3% annually, and for Standard customers, it's 1%.

This annual service fee is calculated daily and is only deducted when you sell the fund(s). Vivid calculates an annualised relative price change every day, proportionally to the growth rate of your balance invested in MMFs, based on today's versus yesterday's MMF price.

It's important to note that MMFs may have their own product costs, which are not payable to Vivid but to the MMF issuer. These costs are already factored into the fund's price. For detailed information on these charges and other product-related details, you can refer to the Key Investor Information Document or Key Information Document (KIID or KID) for EUR funds available here and for USD funds available here.

Are there any foreign exchange fees for buying and selling USD Money Market Funds? Yes, a 0.25% foreign exchange (FX) rate is applied to buying and selling USD MMFs.

Kindly note that even if the fund is in USD, your balance in MMFs will be displayed in EUR. This is because we handle the conversion of funds for your convenience.

With the Interest Rate Pocket, you won't be charged any account management fees for additional Money Pockets regardless of whether you are on the Prime or Standard plan.

Fixed interest comes with no fees: learn more here.

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