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What happens with my current virtual and physical cards?
What happens with my current virtual and physical cards?
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Your current cards will be functional until you transfer your funds to the new account. That's why we need to issue new cards for you. But don't worry - we'll replace all your existing cards, virtual and physical, free of charge.

Should I wait until I receive my new physical card(s) before transferring my funds to the new account?

It's entirely up to you! You can either:

  • wait until your new physical card(s) arrive, but keep in mind that you’ll receive an email with the deadline for completing the migration. After that date, migration won't be possible, so keep an eye on it.

  • proceed with the migration (by transferring your funds) even if your new physical card(s) haven’t arrived yet. In the meantime, you’ll be able to add your new cards to Apple Pay or Google Pay and use your phone for payments while you wait for the physical cards to arrive!

What should I do with my old cards once the migration is finished?

If you have physical cards, you can safely dispose of them. As for virtual cards linked to Apple Pay or Google Pay, you can simply delete them, as they won't be necessary anymore.

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