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Why was my account suddenly blocked or closed?
Why was my account suddenly blocked or closed?
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There are different reasons why your account may be temporarily blocked and/or closed.

Vivid Money may suspend the account as a means to ensure the secure and compliant use of it. In most cases, the reasons for temporary blocking an account are:

  • Someone with criminal intent is attempting to access the account

  • Unusual activity on the account

  • Less commonly, the account may be also seized following the order from the authorities or blocked for other technical reasons. Bear in mind that in the unlikely event of the account being blocked, we’ll most likely reach out to you with additional questions.

  • Additionally, Vivid Money reserves the right to terminate the business relationship with the account holder under certain circumstances including:

    • Incorrect or false information provided by the account holder.

    • Serious and continuous breaches of terms and conditions.

    • Severe changes in the account holder’s creditworthiness.

    • Evidence of the account being hacked or used to carry out illegal purposes.

Should we decide to close the account for any other different reason, we’ll reach out to you at least two months prior.

Kindly note that any cancellation is final. That means the decision can’t be reversed and due to compliance requirements, our Customer Care team can’t provide a detailed explanation on these internal procedures.

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