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Lost your cards with your phone?
Lost your cards with your phone?
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If your mobile device with the Vivid mobile application installed on it was lost or stolen, contact us as soon as possible and we’ll block your lost cards and temporarily block the app access so nobody will be able to get access to your money and make any transactions.

Please, call us immediately on:

  • +493091734840, from Germany or any other country.

  • +33186655810, from France

  • +34919012821, from Spain

  • +390294754209, from Italy

During the call, you’ll have to choose the language (English, German, French,Spanish or Italian), provide information about yourself to help the system to recognise you and choose amongst the following options:

  • Block all cards

  • Block access to the app

  • Block both: access to the app and cards

Depending on your selection, we’ll immediately block cards, the app or both.

When you will be able to restore access you need to use the button “Forgot password” in the app and follow the next steps.

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