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What do the user statuses in my shared pocket mean?
What do the user statuses in my shared pocket mean?
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After you've sent an invitation to share your pocket, you'll discover the invited users listed in the "Access to pocket" section.

If the pocket is successfully shared, we won’t display any status. This means that the invitee can see and use the Pocket. However, the following statuses will be used to keep you informed about the invitees who accept or decline invitations, as well as any encountered errors along the way:

This status will be displayed once you've completed the sharing process and will remain until the invited person either accepts or rejects the invitation.

This status will appear under the following circumstances:

  • If the invited person rejects your invitation.

  • If an invited person wishes to leave your pocket after initially accepting it.

In this status, the invited person has not accessed the pocket to view or use it. Please note that the access provided for the pocket will only be formally revoked after confirmation from the pocket creator's side.

This status will appear if we've been unable to share the Pocket with a particular user and it won’t affect the Pocket being used by the other invitees. Kindly note that before we can attempt to share your Pocket again, we'll need your confirmation.

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