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What happens with Crypto when switching to Vivid 2.0?
What happens with Crypto when switching to Vivid 2.0?
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Is my Crypto Pocket available in Vivid 2.0?

Your crypto portfolio stays fully available and ready to use in your newly created Vivid 2.0 account: just remember to migrate on time to continue trading with your Crypto pocket.

What about the Savings Plan Pocket?

When you switch to Vivid 2.0, your Savings Plan Pocket moves with you. For a very short period of time, however, the possibility to set new savings plans will be limited: this means that you won’t be able to schedule new plans, and the standing orders you previously set will not be executed. You will still be able to sell your positions, at any time.

Will I still receive cashback with Crypto Rewards?

Yes! You'll continue to enjoy receiving cashback for your card purchases in the chosen cryptocurrency. You can learn more about Crypto Rewards here.

What happens if I don’t migrate to Vivid 2.0?

We recommend that you migrate to Vivid 2.0 before 14th June 2024, otherwise you won’t be able to purchase coins anymore in the Crypto Pocket, but you’ll still be able to sell your assets.

If you finally decide not to migrate to Vivid 2.0, kindly ensure to sell your positions by 19th June 2024. After this date, you will not be able to sell your coins any longer and we will liquidate the assets you hold in your Crypto pocket, by the end of 21st June 2024, at the prevailing market prices. Please note that the liquidation process will incur the regular fees set by your plan.

Vivid Digital S.r.l will end its relationship with you by 24th June 2024 in accordance with our applicable terms and conditions.

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