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How can I open an Interest Rate Pocket?
How can I open an Interest Rate Pocket?
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To get you started, all you need to do is:

  1. Tap on "Open New Pocket" or simply use the banner on the Pockets screen.
    If you already own an Invest Pocket, you can start enjoying the benefits of the Interest Rate Pocket as soon as you accept its special terms and conditions. If you haven't already opened an Invest Pocket, you'll be guided through the onboarding process.

  2. Complete the onboarding by just following the quick and easy steps outlined in the app.

Where is the Interest Rate Pocket available?

The Interest Rate Pocket is exclusively offered to our customers living in Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, France, Italy, Finland, Ireland, Sweden, Luxembourg, Austria, Norway, Iceland and Denmark.

Read more about adding and withdrawing money.

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