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How can I dispute a transaction with my Vivid card?
How can I dispute a transaction with my Vivid card?
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To request a chargeback, you’ll need to contact us via chat. Our customer care specialists will:

  • Assess the situation, whether we have chargeback rights or not

  • Assist you further with the process

  • Provide you with the corresponding form to fill in your dispute

Kindly note that due to the complexity of this process, it may take up to 90 days for your chargeback to be resolved.

These are just a few of the examples where we can assist you with requesting a chargeback (consumer disputes): if you’ve encountered a transaction in your timeline that you don’t recognise (unauthorised disputes), if you were charged for your cash withdrawal but you didn’t receive the money or, if your last online purchase didn’t arrive.

What’s a chargeback and how does it work?

A chargeback is the process of reversing a debit; by which the funds return to your account once the dispute has been resolved in your favour.

Once a chargeback is raised, the merchant will have 30 days to refute the claim by providing supporting evidence. In the event they do so, the dispute will be continued. If not, the case will be resolved in the cardholder’s favour.

I didn’t authorise the transaction, what can I do?

In the event that you don’t recognise a transaction and you didn’t authorise the payment, the chargeback process varies slightly.

You’ll still need to contact us via chat so we can assess your situation and submit the chargeback form. If the chargeback is pre-approved, you’ll receive the corresponding refund within 48 hours after the submission of your dispute. This refund is temporary as the chargeback claim has not been yet solved.

Please note that the merchant will then have up to 30 days (from the submission of your dispute) to refute the chargeback claim. If the merchant accepts the chargeback claim, the credit will already be in your account. Conversely, if the chargeback claim is rejected and the case lost, the credit will be debited and therefore taken from your temporary refund.

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