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How’s the cashback for MILES rides calculated?
How’s the cashback for MILES rides calculated?
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We’re offering an additional Vivid service to our customers residing in Germany for their rides with MILES, outside of their plan’s cashback limits.

How much cashback can you get for riding with MILES?

Get rewards on all your MILES rides for 6 months starting from the date of your first ride!

  • If you sign up to MILES through Vivid, you can enjoy a 5% cashback on all your MILES rides regardless of your plan.

  • If you’ve got a MILES account already, you get 1% cashback for all your rides under the Standard plan. Do you want more? Prime customers get 3% cashback on MILES’ rides.

Why didn’t the ride grant you cashback?

  1. You paid for the ride using your MILES Wallet. Only card payments are eligible to receive cashback. Be advised that topping up the MILES Wallet with your Vivid card won’t grant cashback.

  2. You started the booking from the MILES app. Even if you paid for it with your Vivid card, only the rides that are initiated from the Vivid app get you cashback.

Kindly note that MILES cashback only applies to your rides. Membership fees (MILES pass), Rookie fee and penalties aren’t included in the final amount of cashback received.

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